Dumps Adventure Playground


Dumps Adventure Playground is one of the oldest playgrounds, built in 1973 to make use of land that had previously been derelict and used as a dump (hence the name!) Run by Youth First, Dumps has seen generations play and work at the playground, and is a real hub of the community. The playground is partly accessible, the indoors is fully accessible.


14 Oakview Road Bellingham London SE6 3QF
Phone Number
020 8698 2991 Mobile: 07580 777 859
Run by
Youth First
Opening Hours
Term time: Wednesdays 4.15-6.45pm Saturdays 2.15-4.45pm Holidays check website
Large wooden outdoor play structure built on three levels and features ramps, walkways, swings of varying sizes, rope bridges and hideaways. There's also large playing fields and a small animal park with rabbits and guinea pigs
Age Range
5-19 years
Buses / Tube & Rail Station
Bus: 181, 54, 386 Tube/Rail: Beckenham Hill